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Whether you need a standby home generator, a generator powerful enough to back up your business, or automatic standby power for an entire industrial complex, Tully Lighting & Electric and Kohler can supply the solution.

Kohler’s engineers have designed power solutions for virtually every situation from powering a small home or RV to powering a business or retailer, to powering a hospital or manufacturing plant. These permanent generators come in a variety of sizes and models requiring different types of fuel, but all are guaranteed to provide safe and efficient energy solutions when the power goes out.



What is a Whole House Stand-By Generator?

Quite simply, a Whole House Stand-By Generator is a permanently-installed outdoor generator, which both looks and functions like an air conditioner. However, unlike air conditioners, which run on electricity, each generator contains a stand-alone motor which can be connected to your home’s natural gas line. Each generator is connected to an automatic transfer switch, which monitors your home’s power. When your home experiences a power outage, the generator automatically starts, and subsequently shuts off when power is restored. Generators range is size and power based on individual need.

Why a Whole House Stand-By Generator?

A Whole House Generator is essential to the safety, security, and well-being of your home. A generator can protect you against household disasters, like flooding, by keeping your sump pump running. During vacations, a generator can provide peace of mind to those who worry about homes losing power while they are away. Generators can also safeguard your essential systems: air conditioning, handicap ramps, sump pumps, key lighting, electric ranges and kitchen appliances—and with your refrigerator backed up by a generator, you will no longer have to worry about food spoiling during power outages.

Why Kohler

For the homeowner, standby power can mean the difference between staying put and moving out. With a Kohler commercial- grade residential power system, you've got a potent ally on your side when the lights go out - power for life without interruption.

Kohler Industrial Power is always on because the people behind the name are on. On call. On point. On demand. So when electrical contractors, engineers and facilities managers come to us for solutions, Kohler comes through for them. Integrated solutions to streamline the specifying process. EPA-compliant equipment. A support network that circles the globe. Continuous product development. And perhaps the greatest benefit of all, the power of people who can think through your challenges and offer real answers.

How much does it cost?

Costs are based on individual customer needs. We provide complimentary, no-commitment site surveys to assess your needs and answer questions including: Do you need only your essential circuits wired, or are you looking to wire the entire house? How far will the generator be from the electric and natural gas lines? Based on usage, will we need to upsize your gas meter? These questions will all be addressed during the site survey—and if you aren't sure what you need, feel free to give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss your options!

Why choose Tully?

We pride ourselves on our excellent products and services, and our clients agree. Not only do we provide excellent service, but we install some of the highest quality materials available—so you get the most for your dollar. When installing generators, we ensure that they will be set on concrete to improve their performance take time to give them their longest possible lifetime. Our Kohler generators come with a lifetime of local service and customer support.