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Tully Lighting and Electric


Do you provide free estimates?
Yes, all estimates are free. Call or email us for a quote.

How do you estimate and charge for jobs?
We estimate each job individually. For standard service work, we have set unit prices for many common tasks (fixture hanging, can light addition, outlet replacement, etc). For custom lighting design & installation or home theater projects, we will meet with you at your location and provide a quotation based on your budget and needs.

How do your prices compare with other electricians?
We’re extremely competitive.

Are you insured?
Yes. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

What area do you serve?
We serve all of DuPage and the surrounding counties.

We want custom lighting in our family room, but we have plaster ceilings. Can you do it without destroying our ceilings?
Yes. Using custom tools and innovate methods, we strive to minimize the collateral damage to your existing walls and ceilings. In older homes with plaster walls or ceilings, we can repair with actual plaster if necessary.

How will my house look when you leave?
Immaculate. We use tarps and shoe covers, and vacuum before we leave. We’ll completely repair all drywall. The only thing we don’t do is paint, but we can recommend a painter if needed.

Can you provide references?
Yes. Please check out our testimonials page, but feel free to call us for additional references.